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7 Tried and Tested Ahrefs Alternatives to Boost SEO

Ahrefs Tool

Whether you are only an SEO beginner or a seasoned digital marketer, you probably worship Ahrefs. The all-in-one software suite has you covered for the A to Z of search engine optimization. It offers a comprehensive toolset for site audits, competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, and rank tracking. There’s hardly anything you cannot do with Ahrefs, so you can rely on it for leading the path to high Google rankings. But you must know that you have legit alternatives with offerings close to Ahrefs features. Some alternatives are paid, while others have free versions. Let us share a list of options that are worth a try.



SEMrush is one of the best tools that deserve a try. In fact, it is the closest to Ahrefs. The full-on SEO software suite brings a lot to the table. You can use it for standard keyword research, backlink analytics, traffic analytics, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, site audits, and lots more.

SEMrush v/s Ahrefs

Both tools are very similar in terms of features, quality, and pricing. However, most users like Ahrefs better because of its simpler UX. You may expect to struggle a bit to dig into each feature in the case of SEMrush. The tool has a free version, but pricing for the paid one starts at $119.95/ month.



If you want a free tool close to Ahrefs offerings, this one is the best bet. You can use it for keyword research, backlink analysis, and topic research (just like Buzzsumo). You can also generate SEO audit reports with it. The free version is good enough, but you can take a paid plan for extra features and reports. The tool is ideal for marketers serving multiple clients because it includes unlimited SEO audit reports.

Ubersuggest v/s Ahrefs

Ubersuggest is a great tool but runs low on features compared to Ahrefs. However, the paid version costs a flat $29/month, far less than the monthly at $99 you have to shell out for Ahrefs. Professionals requiring a value tool can head for Ubersuggest without second thoughts.

Moz Pro


Moz Pro is a pretty impressive SEO tool, but it is not quite as good as Ahrefs and SEMrush. It lacks some key features and seldom offers enhancement. The only one it has brought recently is a  keyword tool called Keyword Explorer. However, it is a good one and generates great long-tail keyword suggestions.

Moz Pro v/s Ahrefs

Moz compares well with Ahrefs as it works well with backlink checks. It finds links quickly, so you need not worry about the speed. But you have to pay the same $99/month for Moz Pro, even as it does not serve as many features as SEMrush or Ahrefs.



Majestic SEO is one of the dated tools but continues to maintain its reputation as a solid one. It mainly focuses on backlink reports, making it ideal for professionals looking for reliable backlink data. But it may not suffice for those who want to manage all their SEO tasks in one place. Also, the UX appears outdated, and its backend is tricky for an average user.

Majestic v/s Ahrefs

Majestic SEO makes a good alternative when it comes to pure backlink data. But it loses on other fronts such as key features, UX, and customer support. Majestic is only a pure link-building tool, so you will probably not want to pay $50/month for it. However, it can be of good value to professionals who care only about backlinks.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks

Next on this list is Monitor Backlinks, which offers plenty of useful features, such as a disavow tool. However, you may not find it unique because it only gets data from Moz and Majestic. Except for a few bells and whistles, it is pretty ordinary.

Monitor Backlinks v/s Ahrefs

There isn’t much comparison between the two because Ahrefs provides 10k rows of backlink data, which is far more than a meager 4k by Monitor Backlinks. Moreover, the latter does not have a keyword tool, domain comparisons, competitor analysis feature, organic traffic reporting, and several more features. It has a free trial, so you can check and decide for yourself. Pricing is the only plus as it starts at $18.00 per month.



Mangools differs from a typical SEO software suite as it brings five completely different tools. These are KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. The tools are disparate, so it gets confusing for the user. Although the toolset is pretty solid, they do not just feel stitched together.

Mangools v/s Ahrefs

Most SEO professionals wouldn’t consider Mongools an alternative because it offers far fewer features. Although you have to pay half the price, the tradeoff isn’t worthwhile. So choose it only if you are super tight on the budget.



You may feel surprised that BuzzSumo even makes it to the list because it is a content marketing tool rather than an SEO suite. But it is here because SEO and content marketing overlap. In fact, you get a few SEO-focused features along with powerful content tools, a winning mix to get your site to the top of search rankings.

Buzzsumo v/s Ahrefs

While Ahrefs and BuzzSumo are different tools, each has its strengths and weaknesses.  BuzzSumo misses out on several key SEO features, and Ahrefs does not have content-focused features. Yet there is some overlap between them as both enable you to identify content with hefty social media shares. The choice between the two depends on your focus area. You can add both to your portfolio if you have a budget for them. The starting price is the same for both tools.


There isn’t a dearth of SEO tools, so you can think beyond only Ahrefs. Now that you have this list of Ahrefs alternatives, you can compare the options with their pros and cons, features, and pricing. Consider your needs, goals, and budgets to pick the ideal one. You may try the free versions and settle for the helpful ones.