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What are “people also search for” & How to use it for SEO

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The term “People also search for” is a powerful Google SERP feature that makes it easier and faster for users to find the right content on the web. It is often used for follow-up searches when users fail to get the continent they are looking for. This feature analyzes the user’s intention and displays the keywords statements/suggestions to take you to the most likely content on the web. In other words, the “people also search for” feature is designed by Google to improve your experience by making it easier to find the best content online.


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Related Searches And People Also Search For: What’s the Difference?

For starters, it is important to note that “People also search for (PASF)” is not the same as related searches. They are word links related to the content you are searching for and are available at the bottom of the page. They might not be directly the same as what you are searching for, but they have some relationships.

The Essence of “People Also Search For (PASF)” in SEO

“People also search for (PASF)” is important for SEO because you can use it to help attract more visitors to your page. Since the “people also search for (PASF)” are suggestions from the Google database based on various user searches, it helps you understand the interests and preferences of your target audience. This way, you can find the best keywords to use on your website to improve your website ranking on SERP.

Leveraging People Also Search For (PASF)” To Grow Your SEO Rankings

The “People also search for (PASF)” feature is undoubtedly a great asset for websites to rank higher in Google Search results. However, you need to use this feature correctly to improve your website’s SEO rankings. The following are plausible ways to use  the “People also search for” feature for SEO:

1. Keyword Research

If you understand the importance of keywords in SEO, then you probably know how invaluable “People also search for” is in getting the right keywords. The right keywords make it easier for the search engine to trace your content and rank your page better on SERP. Simply put, it makes your page more visible and attracts more traffic. It is easier to see why many websites put more effort into keyword research. Since the “People also search for” data comes directly from the Google database, they are relevant to your topic. Some of the ways you can use the “People also search for” feature for keyword research include.

  • Search the keyword you have in mind for your content on Google and note the respective PASF keyword suggestions. Copy these PASF and use them on new tabs to initiate searches. Check the quality of content you get from these searches to rank the strength of the respective keywords. Since each search will probably give other PASF, continue using them to find more keyword options. If your continent is narrow, you will probably see more repetition of the PASF keywords. Write down the various versions of keywords you see from the respective PASF keyword research.
  • Use these PASF keywords on your keyword research tools to check their strengths and find suitable related keywords. Check the volume and ranking difficulty to ascertain whether it is a good keyword. Nevertheless, using PASF keywords on keyword research tools will help you rate and find better keywords to improve your Google engine rankings.


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2. Explore Content Ideas

Providing quality content is important for a better page ranking on Google. You need to provide the content needed by the consumers. Getting the right content ideas is the genesis of giving the right content, and PASF can help you find the right content. Search the topic you want to write on Google and find the respective PASF keywords. Use those keywords on the search engine to find their top-ranking pages. When you open these pages and read their continent, they will probably give you the right content ideas for your page. Ultimately, it improves the relevance of your site content and the ultimate authority of your site. 

3. PASF for FAQ Ideas

You could be tempted to exclude the FAQs section on your page, but they play a good role in engaging your audience. This boosts user satisfaction because you understand both their problems and solutions. Remember, FAQs are also the topics your audience is trying to find. Since FAQs come directly from the Google database, these topics are relevant to your audience. Analyze and find suitable keywords from the PASF keywords. Intelligently tweak the keywords to create suitable questions for your FAQs section on your page.


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4. Fine-tune On-Page SEO

On-page SEO are those strategies that you have control over and help to improve your website ranking. Keyword usage is one of the best on-page SEO and cannot afford to underestimate. Since PASF helps you generate keywords, you can properly use them to create the right keywords for on-page SEO. Get the right PASF and put them naturally in your page content. Use proper headings and avoid stuffing these PASF keywords.

5. Use PASF to Explore Long-Form Content

When writing long-form content, you will probably include many sections like headings, titles, meta descriptions, and sub-topics. To make your content quality top-grade and maintain uniformity, you need to have a variety of keywords and content ideas. Use PASF to find more content ideas and get more relevant keywords to distribute along your content naturally.

Tailor your Webpages for PASF

Knowing the importance of PASF is just the start. You ought to also know how to optimize your pages for PASF. Well, the following are some of the ways to optimize your pages for PASF. 

  • Know the search intent- Knowing the search intent gives a clue about the interest and preferences of users. This makes it easier to create quality content that solves user problems.
  • Identify and implement key search terms- PASF keywords make it easier for your page to identify key search terms. Identifying the right key search terms and implementing them on your page makes your page more visible and highly ranked.
  • Add FAQ schema to your web pages and blog posts- The FAQ section is important in your page because it improves interaction with your audience. With the right PASF keywords, you can generate long-tail questions and provide answers for your target audiences.
  • Tools that will help you find PASF keywords- There are several good tools that can help you generate relevant PASF and keywords for your page. Use suitable PASF keyword tools to analyze PASF and generate more keywords for your page content.
  • Optimize your content- With suitable PASF keywords, it is easy to optimize your content to meet the needs of your target audience. These PASF keywords show the needs and intentions of your audience. Therefore, you can tweak the content to meet the needs of your target audiences.

Start using “People Also Search For” for SEO!

In a nutshell, the “People Also Search For” is undoubtedly helpful as a strategy to grow SEO rankings. However, you cannot realize its effect overnight. Ensure you invest in research to properly utilize the “People Also Search For” feature for various aspects of your SEO campaigns. Furthermore, use the “People Also Search For” feature in tandem with other SEO strategies to bring more traffic to your site and get a better SEO ranking. You can seek help from a top white label SEO Agency to help tap into these strategies for growth.