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Everything you need to know about SEO Periodic Table

seo periodic table

Search Engine Optimization is an integral element of marketing for businesses in the digital landscape. Ranking highly in search engine results increases traffic that, in turn, translates to conversions. That said, SEO may seem to belong in the realm of alchemy for newbies in the SEO and digital marketing world. It is, however, not necessarily rocket science once you know the signals that count for the best strategies. It becomes easier once you understand the ranking factors and how the different elements combine to create a successful SEO plan to grow your platform. Let’s get started with SEO Periodic Table.

seo periodic table

Source: SEO round table

SEO Periodic Table Groups and Their Elements

  • Content

Content is king in the SEO world. Google and other search engines want to serve their users in the best way they know. A substantial part of excellent service involves directing visitors to the best content for their needs. That makes high-quality content an essential ranking factor for search engines. Performing in-depth research to produce educative, authoritative and trustworthy content is a fundamental ranking factor for search engines.


Keyword research comes in handy in identifying what consumers are looking for and tailor-making your content to meet those needs as accurately as possible. Update your content regularly so that people always have something fresh to devour. That will also make for a higher rating. Peppering your content with multimedia images and videos makes your pages eye-catching and encourages visitors to spend more time interacting with your content, improving your search engine rankings.

  • Architecture

Architecture has everything to do with the structure of your website. The architecture of your site informs the search engines on what your content is about and which audience will enjoy it more. The URLs on your page and the page load speed contribute to your website architecture. You want customers to see a fast-loading page when they visit your site. It is also crucial that your site be free of malware to rank highly with search engines. The responsiveness of your site is another essential element to integrate into the architecture of your site. Most people browse the internet with their phones. A website that is not mobile-friendly locks out a significant proportion of potential visitors. You need to optimize your site for mobile friendliness to increase traffic. Also, It is equally important to have a website that search engine robots can crawl and index. That way, you can secure a coveted place in the search engine results pages.


  • HTML

HTML tags inform search engines how to classify your content. Having HTML tags in your SEO strategy does a neat job with search engine visibility. The search engine crawler will look at the HTML tags to determine how to categorise the content. Search engines also look at the formatting elements like headings and titles to understand what the page content is about and which readers will appreciate the recommendation. Other attributes like Schema and Meta description also play an essential role in determining a site’s purpose.


  • Reputation

Brand perception affects societal behaviour towards a brand. Reputation is also equally instrumental for Google’s algorithms. A site with a glowing reputation is more likely to grace the first search engine result than one with stinky reviews. A considerable part of building a remarkable reputation is publishing credible, authoritative content that sets you apart as a thought leader in your industry. You can claim to be the best in your game, but that carries zero weight if other people do not reckon it is true. Reviews from external sources and backlinks help cement your reputation and increase your chances of ranking highly on the search engine results pages. That social proof goes a long way in building a powerful reputation for your brand.


  • Links

Backlinks have been a significant player in the SEO game for a long time. Google’s ranking algorithms have always put weight on backlink quality and quantity. Your SEO efforts and strategies bear fruit if they result in high-quality links from trusted sources pointing to your website. In the past, many links would translate to a better ranking in SERPs.

However, search engines are now looking at more than the number of backlinks. They are considering other factors like diversity, relevance and authority. Links from sites that relate to your niche will impact your ranking more favourably than a link from a website that has nothing to do with your industry.


Also, backlinks from trusted websites have a better chance of improving your website rankings compared to those from less-trusted ones. A wide variety of links adds more to a natural link profile making it more likely to rank highly. Link quality is an essential element in the SEO periodic table. It has a significant impact on how trustworthy your website is.

  • Users

Users are an instrumental aspect of the SEO periodic table. Users impact your ranking depending on your region and country. The structure and language on your site determine the region where users will enjoy the content most. Some content tends to be distinctively for a particular audience. Also, while still looking at users, engagement is another essential factor. Engaging and relatable content is more likely to keep the audience glued and, in turn, have more engagement. The graphics elements of your content also determine the user group for your offerings. Assessing your target user base helps you make relatable content that will inform your ranking and contribute to loyalty and more traffic.


  • Local

Local SEO makes your website visible in the local map packs. Growing your local SEO calls for a comprehensive Google My Business (GMB) profile. It is also important to use citations that show up in the local maps’ packs accurately. Include the name, address, and phone number across all your platforms to influence your local SEO. Update your lists and engage with your listings frequently. Have a plan to solicit customer reviews that influence your GMB listings, and be sure to ask appropriate questions to identify the best keywords in the reviews.


Wrapping up

Search engine optimization combines all the elements that work towards improving a website to increase organic visibility and improve search engine rankings. Successful search engine optimization looks at the guidelines and best practices that appeal to search engines like Google and Bing. But more than that, SEO is much about catering to customer needs as accurately as possible. It is about anticipating customer needs and offering the best solutions to meet those concerns. That is the heart of good SEO. The key to making it possible is understanding the constituent elements that make for excellent SEO and merging them to create a foolproof strategy. That is the best way to serve the needs of your audience while simultaneously impressing search engines resulting in better rankings.


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How to Increase Organic Instagram Followers For Your Business in 2022

Instagram is unquestionably a powerful tool for marketers and companies to use. It can provide brands and companies with the chance to connect with new audiences, create active communities, and even turn followers into paying customers. But, Instagram is now busier than ever. It’s never been harder to stand out and grow organic Instagram followers with over one billion active users each month.

The good news is, that there are still approaches to building an engaged, active following on Instagram (without pouring thousands of dollars into social media advertising). Let’s go through all you need to know about developing a strategy for organic Instagram growth.

Top Tips To Increase Organic Instagram Followers

Success on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. Organic growth takes time. But there are several things you can do to ensure that you at least develop at the fastest speed possible, even if it always requires patience. Here are eight top tips to organically increase your Instagram following.

1. Post More Video Content

Instagram video is having a massive moment right now thanks to Reels, Stories, and Lives, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Through videos, Instagram users have more chances to be seen. So it’s crucial to post more video content and to post them consistently.

Instagram Reels

Reels are short, vertical videos that work well for attracting new viewers, especially when shared on the specific Reels stream. Reels can be shared weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the type of material you’re sharing (BTS, an interview, a product launch, etc.).

instagram reel

Cheese By Numbers featured some comforting ASMR and how-to’s about their charcuterie board series.

instagram reel

Adidas creates high-quality and engaging videos that feature their advocacies, athletes, and campaigns.

Instagram Stories

The shortest video format is Instagram Stories, which vanishes after 24 hours (unless you save them to an Instagram Stories Highlight). Stories can be used as conversational, informal, and daily content. They also offer a variety of stickers that you may use to engage with your community.

Some brands use the poll and question sticker to know more about their community or to gather feedback. Others use Stories to give a behind-the-scenes of their workspace or pretty much anything.

Instagram stories

instagram story


Instagram Lives

Lives are unedited videos that are streamed live or in real-time that can be shared and saved on your feed. They’re great for developing a more personal connection with your community. Depending on your capacity, you could do them every month, every two months, or every three months.

If no one else is live at the same time as you when you use live video, you’ll show up right at the top of the Stories feed. Your profile photo in the Instagram app is also given additional prominence by the “LIVE” symbol. Your followers may visit your Instagram page if they see your logo at the top of their feed.

instagram lives

In a series produced by Arcade Studios, they discuss social media news and trends in short 15-minute episodes.

2. Use A Growth Service

Today, manually growing followers and engagements are no longer as effective nor well-liked as it once was. With the competition out there, it may take months or even years to be successful on the platform if you manage your account manually. This is where using a growth service can be helpful, especially if you need to get more followers on Instagram.

Instagram growth services allow you to follow users and accounts that add value to your Instagram account. These services will help you get followers that are genuinely interested in your business and your brand. Growth services will raise the bar for your whole Instagram user engagement strategy, regardless of your use of hashtags, post descriptions, or anything else. With the help of these services, you can add a strong call to action to your profile bio and produce high-quality leads.

But when you decide to use a growth service, be on the lookout for sketchy service providers that may not be safe. Unfortunately, certain Instagram growth services, especially those that aren’t well-known, may employ shady methods, such as buying fake followers. Remember, Instagram has the right to deactivate accounts whenever the quantity of fake followers reaches a certain limit.

3. Research What Your Competitors Are Doing

Finding new ways to reach your shared customer base can be found by researching how your competitors use Instagram. Further, researching your competitors on Instagram can benefit your campaign and help you utilize your Instagram account to its full potential.

Improve Your Online Brand Presence And Personality

You can observe how your competitors manage their online personas by doing some competitive research. Examine the degree to which your competition is building relationships with their Instagram followers. As a result, you’ll be able to understand what you can do to improve your relationship with your brand community.

You Can Learn From The Mistakes Of Your Competitors

By following your competitors on Instagram, you can see which trends work for them and which ones don’t. Take note of posts that have low user engagement and avoid using them in your account. By learning what doesn’t work for others on Instagram, you can avoid having your campaign suffer a similar fate.

Identify Popular Ideas For A New Campaign

Another benefit of studying your competition on Instagram is that it’ll help you to refine your own marketing strategy. For instance, looking at trending hashtags can help find popular niche concepts. You may also look into the hashtags that your competitors are using in order to learn about their marketing approaches for attracting followers and boosting user engagement. Just be sure that you’re not copying your competitor’s strategy. Instead, adapt this and modify it to your own campaign.

4. Use The Right Hashtags For Your Industry

One of the biggest steps to getting organic Instagram followers is through the use of hashtags. You can find them by checking out the tags your competitors are using, looking into the tags of industry influencers, and using the IG search feature to find your own hashtags.

Try looking up generic tags first when searching for hashtags. When you run this search, more related tags will be visible at the top of the search feature. These hashtags are usually more detailed (based on industry, niche, or audience). This is a quick and simple method for creating a huge list of relevant tags that you can cycle through while posting.

Be sure to use tags with between 10,000 and 500,000 posts. This will prevent your post from getting lost among the millions of others.

5. Collaborate With Brand Ambassadors 

When two or more Instagram users collaborate on a post or series of posts, it is called an Instagram collaboration. By inviting another user to collaborate on a Feed post or Reel, the post will appear on both of their profiles. Most of these Instagram collaborations occur between brands and their brand ambassadors.

Instagram collaborations can be beneficial for both parties when they’re done correctly. Brands can improve their visibility and expand their audience by working with influencers or other businesses. These brand partnerships can lead to increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and expanded market share. For brand ambassadors, collaborations are a great way to make money and get exclusive access to new content, products, or services. Influencers that know how to collaborate with businesses effectively can take advantage of this to try out new things, tell their followers about their experiences, and keep their audience interested.


Adidas Runners is a perfect example of an effective ambassador partnership. To boost their branding and relationship with their customers, they work with both bigger and smaller influencers. In reality, some of the biggest sports businesses invest a great deal of money in influencer marketing.

6. Run Contests & Giveaways

If you want to get more engagement quickly and generate that sense of excitement around your brand and business, try running contests or giveaways. Contests will increase brand awareness and frequently result in high-quality user-generated content or social proof, if not both at once.

Some examples of Instagram giveaways or contests are:

  • Photo caption contest
  • Tag a friend
  • User-generated content
  • Share this post
  • Hashtag contest
  • Like and/or comment to win
  • Trivia

A key is to provide a prize that’s most relevant to your target demographic for the best outcomes. What’s important is to get entries and engagement from Instagram users who can potentially become your followers or customers.


The New Yorker has one of the most well-known examples of photo captions available. Readers are invited to submit a caption for that week’s cartoon as part of their weekly contest. The publication then chooses the top three submissions, allowing readers to vote for their favorites. The winning caption will be used in the issue that comes out the following week. This is a great illustration example of how to engage your current audience while also boosting your reach.

7. Use Analytics & Experiment With Different Types Of Content

Data and analytics allow you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives across several channels to see whether there’s anything you should change, such as your target demographic, the time of day you post, or the format of your content.

You can measure and improve social media in the same way you do other aspects of your marketing. By using Instagram Insights and analytics, you can develop an organic Instagram growth strategy that’ll be more effective.

Data analysis allows you to find out what (and who) your audience is engaging with. It’ll become much easier to create content that gets a lot of engagement once you take those criteria into account.

8. Share UGC

Your followers enjoy seeing user-generated content on your Instagram, and it’s some of the most persuasive content you can use. It shows that you are actively involved in your community, which can increase both UGC and your reputation.

UGC is something you’ll want to share on an Instagram Story to subtly but powerfully promote your brand. If you want to put something on your feed, whether it’s a meme, a review, or just a picture of your product, make sure it’s well done and represents your company.

Encourage UGC by letting Instagram users know what you want to see and providing them with a hashtag they can use to identify their image or video. Look for this hashtag, then ask permission if you can share these posts on your profile.


One of the companies that have gained more prominence for successfully implementing its user-generated content strategy across all of its social media channels is GoPro. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive marketing efforts. GoPro showcased and expanded its once-tiny brand through the support of its customers and brand aficionados.

With branded hashtags in Instagram like #GoPro #GoProCommunity #GoProAwards and a customized hashtag for just about every country in the globe, they encourage (and make it simple for) people to upload their greatest content. There’s an endless supply of content made using GoPro products, with about 6,000 videos being published online every day. Contests with cash rewards under the hashtag #GoProAwards encourage users to upload their best material.

Be Instagram Smart For Organic Instagram Growth

In terms of marketing, Instagram is an excellent platform. But setting up a business account and posting content isn’t enough. You need to have a strong strategy in place to achieve organic Instagram growth. For that, be smart with Instagram.


Kaye Leah writes engaging content as a freelance SEO content writer, copy editor, and module developer, and communications professor.