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Best 20 SEO Chrome Extensions to Follow in 2022

SEO chrome extension

The daily tasks and reporting can easily overwhelm an  SEO professional because they take a lot of time and effort. You may even miss out on crucial details only to complete your tasks faster. But you can overcome the challenge by using some helpful Google Chrome extensions for your everyday tasks.

These tools can provide a broad range of features to simplify your work. Moreover, you can even use them to ensure accuracy and wrap up tasks faster. But there are several Chrome extensions to explore, so you may have a tough time choosing the best one. You may even work with more than one extension, but using too many can complicate things. It is better to stick with a few that ensure better productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. Here are a few SEO extensions worth trying


If you want to simplify your SEO game, the SEMrush extension will match your expectations. It offers a comprehensive dashboard where you can see the performance of domains and their landing pages. You can also access the SEO toolkit to analyze backlinks and track keyword ranking. Additionally, the extension empowers you with insightful on-page SEO suggestions. You can use them for creating targeted strategies that deliver viable outcomes.


The Ubersuggest Google chrome extension helps you with your SEO tasks in more than one way. It provides insights on keyword ranking and volume, backlinks to the site, domain authority, and Cost Per Click (CPC) for relevant keywords. You can pinpoint keywords that rank better and integrate them into your content. The information enables you to create an actionable plan to enhance the visibility of your website and generate more traffic for it.


With the Mozbar extension, you can view webpage analytics with only a click, even while being on your browser. It is an excellent SEO research tool that empowers you with loads of information. From displaying the page authority and domain authority to highlighting relevant keywords and helping you to analyze competition, this extension does it all. You can also use it to understand the nature of backlinks (no-follow or do-follow) in the webpage. Additionally, you can export the SERPs analysis to a local file with Mozbar.

Keyword Surfer

Next on the list of best Chrome extensions for SEO is keyword surfer, a tool that assists you with keyword research. You can rely on it to get keyword count and monthly traffic under the Google search results. Check the keyword volume and new keyword ideas in the sidebar. The keyword surfer extension enables you to check how the audience searches the web and plan your keyword strategy accordingly.


SERPTrends by Outer Box helps you keep track of the entire searches online during your SEO tasks. If you perform a specific search often, the extension displays the ranking trends for it directly. You can speed up your tasks by checking important queries instantly rather than performing multiple steps to do it. Further, it helps in conducting competitor analysis on the go.


TextOptimizer chrome extension takes your SEO game a notch higher by empowering you with a writing assistant. It analyzes search results to provide relevant terms and generate intent tables. With these tables, you can get synonymous terms and words to improve your copy. A fine-tuned content piece that matches search engine criteria is likely to get a higher ranking and achieve greater visibility.

PageSpeed Insights

SEO is more than having quality content with search-friendly keywords. The speed of your website goes a long way in making it successful. It is crucial to keep an eye on site speed and optimize it if it loads slowly. With Google PageSpeed Insights, you can identify elements slowing down the loading time and hindering the mobile user experience of your website. Consider it a tool to check your website’s usability.

Redirect Path

Redirecting is another important element of SEO as web pages often move to new locations or get deleted during redesigning and migrations. A redirect can help to pass the link juice from a removed URL to its new location. Redirect Path is a redirect checker extension that displays the redirects from a URL to the final URL. You can use it to check 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes. This way, you can pick and address potential issues that could compromise the site’s UX.

Page Analytics

Understanding the visitor behavior on your website can help you get valuable insights to fine-tune it for better experiences. The page analytics Chrome extension can help you dig deeper into the user interactions with your website. You can discover the strengths and weaknesses and take relevant measures to address the issues leading to bouncing users. Moreover, the tool offers data such as the number of active users in real-time and where visitors click.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is considered the competitor of Mozbar because it also shows key SERPs metrics. The bar displays parameters like the standard Alexa Rank and Page Rank (PR) rather than launching its own metrics. Additionally, it offers information such as the web pages in SERPs, age of the domain, number of indexed pages in the site, backlinks, and organic and paid traffic.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer, a powerful link intelligence tool, helps you access all-important backlinks information about your webpage or a competitor’s page. The tool uses its own trust metrics such as trust flow and citation flow instead of relying on third parties for data. Further, it has three tabs showing the granular details of summary, backlinks, and anchor text.  

Link Miner

Broken Link Building is a proven strategy that boosts the authority of websites. But finding broken web links on niche-relevant websites and connecting with their owners can be a painful task. Luckily, the Link Miner extension helps you with the technique. The simple tool enables you to conduct page analysis and execute Broken Link Building. It crawls a webpage and marks broken links only at the click of a button.


SEO tasks also involve checking the performance of the campaigns on social media platforms. BuzzSumo is an extension you can use to evaluate your top-performing content on social media. You can also track the number of social shares for your content pieces with this reliable tool. 

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

With Ahrefs SEO toolbar, you can get a comprehensive overview of factors like backlinks, keywords, and ranking profiles. It also offers detailed information about web pages, with metrics like title and description, header and social tags, word count, canonical URL, and more. You can get the statistics about high-ranking results effortlessly.


Another chrome extension you must install is SEO Pro, which enables you to evaluate multiple elements of your website. These include title and meta description length, structured data, URLs, images with or without Alt tags, redirects, HTTP status code, and more. Besides facilitating the analysis of internal and external links, the extension highlights no-follow links. You can use it to perform technical SEO audits and pick issues related to interlinking and indexation.


Another must-have Chrome extension all SEO professionals should use is SEOStack. Essentially, it is a keyword research tool that generates thousands of ideas from a primary keyword. It does so by gathering suggestions from reliable online sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and Amazon.


Hunter is more of an outreach tool, and it can ease this complicated task effectively. It enables you to find the contact information of niche-relevant bloggers and website owners directly from your browser. You can get the email addresses related to a domain, so professional conversations become a breeze.


Scraper is a data mining extension that offers relevant information to empower online research and other SEO initiatives. By installing this extension, you only need to click a website URL to get a comprehensive list of similar websites. You can even export this list to a spreadsheet for subsequent use. 

This comprehensive list of SEO extensions can cover diverse needs for SEO professionals. You can take a selective approach and start with a few of them. Of course, you can add more eventually. These extensions help simplify and speed up your daily tasks in a few clicks, so they are worth trying. But make sure you are comfortable with them and actually need them.

Automatic Backlink Checker

Since link building is an integral function of SEO, having a backlink checker at hand is beneficial. The automatic backlink checker extension accelerates the link-building task by helping you identify the status of the backlinks in a website. You can check whether they are do-follow or no-follow. The best part about this extension is that it lets you save loads of time, and you can use it for more result-oriented practices.

Google Analytics URL Builder

Google analysis URL builder

No SEO professional can imagine working without Google Analytics (GA), the indispensable tool that helps with tracking website traffic. You can go the extra mile with its URL Builder extension. A useful add-on, it quickly tags the URLs you wish to track in your Google Analytics campaigns. So daily traffic monitoring becomes a breeze with this simple yet powerful Chrome extension. 

You can rely on this list of SEO extensions to cover your needs and simplify your work. Experts recommend starting small with only a few of them. You may adopt more down the line. Starting small with the extensions you actually require keeps you comfortable. Moreover, you can make the most of the ones you use.

Simran Sahni

Simran Sahni

Simran is an Operations Team lead at OutreachMonks. She excels in marketing, business, and technology niches. Besides her expertise in digital marketing, she has a flair for writing.

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